U-Pick Event Details

Date & Time: Friday, August 18th from 9am-7pm (Picking Chinooks) **We will be picking Thursday""

Call or email ahead: (913) 226-1002 / (623) 521-1178 or

Its officially harvest season! We will be hosting a U-Pick day August 18, 2016 where anyone can come out and pick their own hops on the farm for $15/lbs. We will be updating the website when the hops are ready to pick.  Contact us with any other questions you might have at

News Features of 2015

Check out this great news piece by Terra Hall from 41 Action News here



Open House Event

Very excited to announce our annual 2016 Royal Hops Open House on Friday, August 12, 10am-7pm. Stop on by to pick and smell our local hops, refreshments will be provided!

Directions for our hops lovin' friends: 6359 Country Road Z Edgerton, MO 

From Hwy 29 head east on Co. RD Z for 7 miles. From Edgerton, MO head .8 miles west & look for the Royal Hops Co. sign.

Look for the Royal Hops Co. sign

...The dirt road entering the Royal Hops Yard may be a little slick if there have been recent rains.  Call our mobile numbers and we will drive our 4-wheel drive truck out to the highway to pick you up.

Our People

Our story begins in a small German village, Hamburg (Iowa) with a long history in the beer industry (beer drinking).  Two farm boys, JQ Watton and Patrick Gude, grew up down the street from one another, excelled in grade school recess, mastered high school gym class, graduated from Iowa State with social honors, and then parted ways. Patrick became a chemical sales manager and Colonel JQ went on to defend our country as an Air force F-16  fighter pilot. After years of separate world-wide adventures and raising families, they discovered each other living in Kansas City.  We added a third partner last year, Dr. Jeff Emory, to bring another dimension to our cast of characters.

Our Hops

The Royal Hops variety, also has a rich past. The Weston Brewery (formally Royal Brewing Co.)  was one of the oldest breweries in the Kansas City area. During the 1800’s, Weston, MO, had a well known reputation for brewing beer, distilling liquor, growing hemp and tobacco.  Folklore tells us, they also grew hops. As the story goes, the brewery closed in 1870 during the post Civil War Depression. The neglected hops began to grow wild in the Loess Hills along the Missouri River.  That's where the Royal Hops Co. story begins..........

Our Company

With the discovery of the wild hops in 1988 and the re-discovery of each other in 2011, the idea to start a hops yard was born. We figured if hops can grow in the wild for over 135 years, two Iowa farm boys should be able to grow varietal hops in this unpredictable Midwest climate. So began The Royal Hops Co. and our quest to provide fresh, local hops to the ever-growing regional craft brewers. We are currently growing 10 varieties of hops; with plans to expand our acreage and selection in the near future.

Our Goal

We strive to produce the highest quality, premium hops, while always remaining fresh and local.

For more information or to set up an appointment contact us at You can find us at 6359 Co Rd Z, Edgerton, MO; either 0.8 of a mile west of Edgerton, MO or 7 miles east of Interstate 29, Exit 30 (Dearborn Exit).